I do Growth & Content Marketing for SaaS companies

4th-time entrepreneur with 10 years experiences working with tech companies on their content marketing & growth efforts.

Initially started my career in the music business (starting a record label – “Lonely boy records” and a digital marketing agency) and transitioned into the Startup and tech world around 2009.

Since then, I’ve worked with many tech companies such as Taboola, Microsoft, SImilarWeb, PowToon, CloudEndure, and many more.

Growth and marketing Mentor at Google, Startup Weekend, H-Farm, Techstars, and more.

I founded the growth agency stardom.io where we work with startups to find their growth and traction channels.

Co-founder of “Growth Impact”, a community of over 1.5K growth experts from leading companies (Linkedin, Twitter, Booking.com, Facebook, Wix, and more).

Co-host of the marketing podcast “Strike Gold” with Jonathan Kahn.

I write about marketing, startups, product, and growth models. Feel free to keep in touch.

You’re busy, so I’m going to keep it short.

4th time entrepreneur (Can I say serial entrepreneur? That’s trendy thing to do, right? ) with 10 years experience doing content marketing & growth hacking.

I started my first venture in the music industry ( a record label – “Lonely boy records”) back in 2007, taking lead in marketing and PR .

Since then, I’ve started a digital marketing agency in the music space, have done product and growth work for several leading startups (Check out the homepage page for some logos) as well owned a consulting agency for growth and content marketing.

I am the co-founder of the growth agency Stardom.io and the photography project “Humans Of Startup Nation”.

This is usually where my pitch would include how many startups I’ve helped grow and the great results achieved.

But that’s what my growth hacking and content marketing blog’s for as well as my personal blog, sharing my entrepreneurial journey and stories.

The end there was a bit too salesy right?
Here’s a picture of our cute dogs to balance it out.