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Growth Hacking Tools The ultimate list of (By Category and Price)

About 2 years ago, I’ve released an open spreadsheet called “The ultimate list of tools for growth hackers”.

The post announcing the spreadsheet was shared over 1.2K times on social media and was referred to by some of the top growth and marketing blogs around the world.

Even though so much time has passed since it was originally launched, you can still see that there are people using it on almost any given moment.

Today, I’m happy to share with you a new version of the spreadsheet, which I think, be more easy to use.

Growth Hacking Tools Shares

The original Growth Hacking Tools Spreadsheet

The original version, was basically a Google Spreadsheet where anyone can add his or hers favourite tools used to grow their company’s Monthly active users.

From customer acquisition tools to analytics, retention and referrals platforms. They’re all there.

The spreadsheet had everything you need in order to choose the right set of tools for you growth efforts – which category it serves, pricing, reviews, etc.

While the hundreds of entries the spreadsheet gets a day shows it still gives massive value, I think it’s very raw.

So while it’s ‘exciting’ to see how big the list of tools has gotten, and there are a lot of “wow, I should try that tool!” moments, in terms of usability it had to evolve.

The original spreadsheet

The original spreadsheet


The new Growth Hacking Tools Directory

A few months ago, Oded Niv, founder a new platform called DexHive reached out to me introducing the new platform.

DexHive is basically a tool for building a community knowledge based where every member can contribute their insights.

He thought ‘The Ultimate list of tools for growth hackers’ is a perfect match for the platform (which is still in early stages but works amazingly).

So he took the challenge of transferring all the information from the original spreadsheet into this platform – and the result is super cool.

Now, you can go the ‘Growth Hacking Tools’ Index and simply browse through the tools you can use to grow your company.

You can easily segment the tools by the category using the filters on the sidebar, add tools you think are missing and so on.

You can check it out yourself here

Growth Hacking Tools Directory


Help us spread the word around!

The reason so many people benefited from the original list, was due to the high share rate when it launched.

If you think this new index will be valuable to your followers, clients or teams – please share them on social media, email or WhatsApp!

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  1. Thanks Roy for initiating the original list, and being an early adopter of dexHive. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts, and hopefully seeing this list grow to new heights with everyone’s help.

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