What I’ve learnt about community management from CMX Summit 2017

If you’re a community manager and have yet to hear¬†about¬†CMX¬†Summit,

If you’re a community manager and have yet to hear¬†about¬†CMX¬†Summit, you’re in a for a treat.

For already avid fans – get ready to upgrade your community management skills.

Just so we can all be on the same page, CMX is an organization with a mission to:

Organize and equip a global movement of community professionals, in order to shape a more connected, collaborative and compassionate world.

They do workshops, conferences, community and professional training.

I advise you to check their website or their super-valuable Facebook group. 


CMX Summit Insights

Last September, CMX hosted their event packed summit in LA.

Mike Silberg, Community director at Brooks-Keret, and a member¬†at ‘Community hackers‘, attended the event in person.

Mike came back excited with insights and tons of information he wanted to share.

As always, I took the opportunity to grill him with questions In a special Facebook Live session¬†(For the ‘Community Hackers’ audience) about his personal takeaways.

We talk about his top 5 favorite talks and what he learned he was doing wrong all along as a community manager.

CMX Summit Insights
CMX Summit Insights – Banner design by Gery Vinokur Lieblein

You can watch the live video here (Or Scroll down for a bonus):

Want to get Mike’s conference summary notes?

As promised there’s a bonus we’ve made just for you.

If you’ve watched the video, you’re probably tired of trying to take notes and summarize all of Mike’s amazing insights.

So we wanted to give you something extra for your time, effort and curiosity.

We’ve gathered all of Mike’s conference notes and materials he has gathered during the summit – in a downloadable file you can get here – for free.

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Are you a community manager for a startup? Write down your biggest challenge below in the comments and I promise we will address them in future blog posts.

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