Growth Hacking

Instead of relying on ‘tricks’ - we’ll help you build a structured growth process into your company to uncover your company’s growth engines based on data and user behaviour.

We’ll start by X-raying your company to understand your data and find low hanging fruit, create your data plan, assemble your growth team, manage your weekly growth meetings and manage your fast paced experimentation.

Based on qualitative and quantitive data, we will help you learn more about your users behaviour and help you increase the number of active users in your product.

What does the process looks like?


Step 1:
X-ray and analysis

The first step of every project is analysing where your company and product are currently at.

For us to really define what your growth strategy and next steps should be, we need to understand how your company operates at the moment.

As a part to this step we:

  • Conduct a a data infrastructure audit to make sure you have the right set up in place. 
  • Do a complete data analysis of your current stats to help you uncover your real product status, uncover vulnerabilities in the user journey, find what’s stopping you from growing.
  • Meet with your team members to make sure you have the right team members
  • Review your funnels and marketing efforts to find missed opportunities.
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Step 2:
Strategy & Setup

Based on our findings, we'll strategize the next steps. 

After we uncover your current state we'll go into the planning & setup mode. 

This step includes:

  • Define your fundamental growth equation.
  • Choose your North Star Metric to focus on
  • Suggest the product stage to focus on (acquisition, retention and so on).
  • Target the lowest hanging fruit for quick wins.
  • Suggest the right data infrastructure and work with your dev and data team to implement. 
  • Define and create initial growth dashboards.
  • Establish your inner-company growth team. 
  • Train your tram on the growth & testing infrastructure to get everybody aligned and on board. 
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Step 3:
Growth Meetings & Ongoing

This is where the growth process begins. 

Based on the data and your company's state we will work with your growth team to ideate, prioritise, run and analyse the experiments.

Following this method, will help you grow the right metrics fast and systematically. 

This Step Includes:

  • Ideation of the growth experiments, based on data.
  • Run & Manage the weekly growth meetings.
  • Prioritize experiment. 
  • Work with your team to design and execute the experiment. 
  • Follow up with your team throughout the week to track progress.
  • Review experiments results & strategize future tests. 
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