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dapulse Raises $7.6M in Series A Funding Round

dapulse, the team management platform that aims to become the ultimate tool to organise your entire team’s operations, announces the closing of a series A funding round raising a total of $7.6M

[x_text]Tel Aviv, Israel – 15.6.2016 – Most project management tools that exist today are similar in essence. They look and behave differently, but eventually – you define projects, assign tasks and try to fit them all into a gannet chart. dapulse tries to take a radically different approach and tackle a much broader aspect of project management, which is essentially, management itself.

With its flexibility and unique visual solution for tracking progress, dapulse brings process transparency into any operation. This allows teams to be continuously synced on the “real state of things,” helping potential delays and progress issues instantly surface. dapulse makes team management, including top management, R&D, sales, marketing, design and product, easier and more efficient.

Today, dapulse announced it has raised $7.6M in a series A funding round. Genesis partners led the round, with participation from seed investor Entrée Capital including l1Capital Group. The company, which grew their revenue fivefold in 2015, will use the new funds to accelerate its global growth.

“The problem with most team and project management tools is that instead of helping you become more efficient with managing your projects, you end up working extra hard to make your project fit the platform’s structure. It should be the other way around. We wanted to change that“ says Roy Mann, CEO of dapulse. “The key factor in fixing this problem was to create something so simple and intuitive, that even when building it with tech companies in mind, it could wildly spread to other industries including Architects, Construction firms, Ad agencies, Restaurants, hotels and even churches and beer breweries. The non-tech segment now consists of more than 70% of dapulse paying companies.

“We feel that we’ve entered an untapped territory,” says Roy. “Our customers mention that they knew there are all kind of project management tools out there, but they all seem very complex and very “techy”. A lot of our customer mention that dapulse fills a “gap that they didn’t know existed up until now” in their business. This is very exciting for us and we feel the potential here is huge”.

Currently, dapulse has over 4,500 paying customers from 85 countries, a number which doubles every five months. dapulse’s growing user-base includes a wide range of companies, from high-profile startups, such as WeWork, General Assembly, Uber, and Wix through larger firms, such as AOL, Adidas and Frost & Sullivan to smaller teams and even freelancers.[/x_text][x_text]

About DaPulse

Founded in 2014 by Roy Mann and Eran Zinman, DaPulse is web-based SaaS company, with the goal of introducing a more efficient and intuitive way to manage teams and entire operations.

Its unique visual management tool is fully customized to fit any operation, ranging from R&D, marketing, sales, product and customer-management.[/x_text]

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