Twitter Engagement

How To Find Real Twitter Engagement Opportunities Using This Simple Hack

This post was origianly published on Roy Povarchik’s blog. This is going to be a short post, but you’re going to love it, bookmark it and show it to your friends, promise. Every marketer knows that getting tons of followers on Twitter in a nice challenge, but the real Everest, the real holy grail is in your genuine engagement rates. …


I’m teaming up with Summurai to Launch Marketing Bits

Are you all sitting down? Well, you can now actually stand up. Walk around. Drive your car. Go to the gym – and still enjoy awesome content by top marketing and growth experts. Today, I’m happy to announce that we’re launching our new Soundcloud channel, debuting our first playlist: ‘Marketing bits.’

How to grow your business using Instagram [Live Interview & insights]

Instagram is a social network not many businesses were able to figure out. Sure, it’s great for branding, but how do you get leads out of it? The two first rules of building your social strategy are : Be where your audience is at. Focus on your strengths. That’s what ‘Joy’s World’ founder, the guest of our latest live show …